Home Design Trends 2018

When it comes for designing and decorating a house, there are many trends that come and go every year and here we will look at the trends which we are likely to see in 2018 for Homes designs and decoration.

Floral Prints

While floral were not so much trendy in 2017, many interior design expects predict that bold and contrasting color floral prints should be trendy in 2018. They are more likely to be used on chains, pillows, bedsheets and drapery.


Colorful Kitchen

The all white color scheme for kitchens is now a thing of the past and more vibrant colors are being used while decorating kitchens to give it a warmer and personal touch. For example, use of the purple color on walls and creative lighting.

Rich colors overall

Aside from bedrooms, people are preferring rich and vibrant colors throughout their house, especially for furniture and walls.

Light wood Cabinets

Many homeowners are preferring the look of a medium and light wood cabinet. It gives warmth, texture and a natural element which gives a more lively feeling.

Open Kitchen Shelves

Apart from giving the option of showing off your dish collection, open kitchen shelves provides more storage options, especially when you have large and bulky items. Also gives a stylish and modern look to your kitchen.

Attractive Flooring

The trend of attractive and decorative walls has passed and people are now looking to make their flooring look as attractive as the walls. Statement floors will be to look out for in 2018 as they will be a great tool to make even a small room pop.

Decorative Plants

Plants have been a very famous and natural tool to decorate your house and with the availability of many vibrant indoor plant options which are available now, and as everyone loves a natural look and an element to their house, they should be a part of house designs in 2018.

Soothing Bedrooms

While people tried using vibrant colors in their bedrooms in 2017, soothing colors and minimalist designs make bedrooms more relaxing and restful so we are not expecting to see the use of vibrant colors in 2018 claims top Florida realtor Suzanne McGhee

So these were some trends we hope to see in Home Designs in 2018.

Stay in an actual tree house!

A whole lot of real tree houses that people live in:

1. Sanctuaria Treehouse

On the west coastline of the Philippines you will find this gem of a place to stay.

Nestled in your treetop cabin you can sit on your veranda and watch the sun go down.

Image source: airbnb.co.uk


2. Garden Village Resort

In Slovenia Lake Bled there is an entire village of treehouses these wooden style cottages are nestled high in the trees.

The village boasts a restaurant with a river dividing some of the tables.

These wooden cottages resemble dolls houses perched on the treetops.

Image source: airbnb.co.uk


3. Chewton Glen

Treehouses for those more prone to the luxury side of wanting to stay in a treehouse and wanting it to resemble a house in a tree instead of the “glamping” style treehouse.

These come packed with luxuries, like a widescreen TV, a gigantic bath, hot tub and a king size bed https://www.chewtonglen.com/stay-over/treehouses/

Image source: chewtonglen.com


4. Artsy and Rustic 1927

An 89-year-old cabin between the trees in Hollywood boasting a great view of the Hollywood sign. This cabin is as the name indicates a rustic and artsy cabin complete with a creaky old door and uneven floors.


5. The Magic Home

This is not a place you can go to stay as it is a privately commissioned treehouse built by an innovative company called Blue Forest.

This magic treehouse was created for a family to enjoy time together in their own garden.

Named the magic treehouse as it is packed with enchanting hidden staircases, giant books that are stacked to form a desk, a metal tube slide at one side of the house in the secret playroom which the hidden stairs lead too, there is a wardrobe which hides the entrance to the long slide on the side of the house.

As this structure is designed for the entire family it even contains a small marble kitchenette.

Image source: blueforest.com

The resurrection of the conversation pit

Eero Saarinen, a Finnish-American is an architect who designed the first ever conversation pit for an industrialist called J. Irwin Miller in 1957.

It was a square sunken structure in the middle of a modernist floor, painted white and the built-in stone bench like structures was adorned with brightly colored cushions.  By 1963 Time magazine did an expose on the what become known as the “conversation pit” labelling the trend over as stories of mishaps at various parties and everyday occurrences of people falling into the pit.  So, the trend dyed out until recently.

Image source: decoist.com

Now we are seeing varying versions of the conversation pit from outdoor sunken fire pits, the conversation pit that is more like a conversation lounge as the built-in couches surround a low walled enclosure that is on the same level as the rest of the house to full-blownround or sunken pits housing either a coffee table or some form of fireplace in the middle of the room.  Regardless of the varying styles these pits all have one very unique and currently, welcome and appealing design aspect in common – it is a conversation pit so there is no television!

The way the couches are designed to wrap around the entire space of the room leaving only a small gap for the entrance into the pit makes it great for actual human face time and not the one on the smartphone either.  Being forced to look at the person in front of your or within your peripheral vision with nothing to distract your attention like the TV or gaming console.

Image source: core77.com

Let’s hope that with the resurrection of the conversation pit will mean the resurrection of actual conversation and not a bunch of people sitting in a square or circle communication to the person across the way on their smart device!

The glass bottle house in British Columbia

The Glass House in British Columbia is quite a site to see and an attraction well worth the trip.

The house was built by David H. Brown in 1952 when he retired from the funeral business and struck upon a revelation that glass bottles should have some practical use after their contents were finished.  And so, to, as quoted by Mr. Brown “to indulge a whim of a peculiar Nature” he set about travelling western Canada visiting various friends in the funeral business collecting the square empty embalming fluid bottles until he had collected 500,000 of them.

The house is built in a cloverleaf shaped pattern, it is 48 feet long and 24 feet wide, alltogether including the upstairs room of the house, it has 1,200 square foot of floor space, three main rooms that are circular in shape.  The house is built upon solid rock and overlooks the Kootenay Lake.  The bottles have a square shape giving the fantasy-style castle shape of the house a mosaic type look.

There is a short staircase in the center of the house that leads up to the upstairs bedroom, the master bedroom, living room and kitchen are on the main floor.

The house attracted a lot of attention with its unique appearance resulting in a loss of privacy for the Brown family and as such, they decided to turn it into a roadside attraction for the summer months.

There are about 500 dozen flowers that run along different pathways around the house and lovely well-kept lawns.

In the gardens, there is also a bridge, an archway, a water wheel and a wishing well.
The house is still owned and run by the Brown’s, who continually make additions to the property keeping the attracting fresh and making people want to come back to find out what has changed at the Brown’s embalming fluid bottle house!