What We Do

With inspirational innovative ideas, designs and various must-have gadgets, we help you make your house into your dream home.

Our team of researchers and writers collect all the most up-to-date home design trends to offer the inspiration needed to get that DIY or home maintenance project going.

Keeping up with the latest housing and financial news to get our readers the best advice and information on what is happening not only in Canada but in and around the world with regards to real estate and related topics.

We offer our readers a host of companies and private contractors of whom we personally vet, for help with any DIY, home decorating, maintenance and renovations that you may not feel comfortable in tackling yourself.  With a full-service scorecard and rating sheet to be filled in on completion of the job to ensure our clients best interests are being considered at all costs.

As we promote a lot of businesses for various home, garden and DIY stores, tools, etc.  we encourage readers to be our “mystery shoppers” in way of, if you have used a product, contractor or have had any dealing with the stores we promote both good or bad please write us your review.  All reviews and readers information is kept private and anonymous.