Stay in an actual tree house!

A whole lot of real tree houses that people live in:

1. Sanctuaria Treehouse

On the west coastline of the Philippines you will find this gem of a place to stay.

Nestled in your treetop cabin you can sit on your veranda and watch the sun go down.

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2. Garden Village Resort

In Slovenia Lake Bled there is an entire village of treehouses these wooden style cottages are nestled high in the trees.

The village boasts a restaurant with a river dividing some of the tables.

These wooden cottages resemble dolls houses perched on the treetops.

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3. Chewton Glen

Treehouses for those more prone to the luxury side of wanting to stay in a treehouse and wanting it to resemble a house in a tree instead of the “glamping” style treehouse.

These come packed with luxuries, like a widescreen TV, a gigantic bath, hot tub and a king size bed

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4. Artsy and Rustic 1927

An 89-year-old cabin between the trees in Hollywood boasting a great view of the Hollywood sign. This cabin is as the name indicates a rustic and artsy cabin complete with a creaky old door and uneven floors.


5. The Magic Home

This is not a place you can go to stay as it is a privately commissioned treehouse built by an innovative company called Blue Forest.

This magic treehouse was created for a family to enjoy time together in their own garden.

Named the magic treehouse as it is packed with enchanting hidden staircases, giant books that are stacked to form a desk, a metal tube slide at one side of the house in the secret playroom which the hidden stairs lead too, there is a wardrobe which hides the entrance to the long slide on the side of the house.

As this structure is designed for the entire family it even contains a small marble kitchenette.

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