Home Design Trends 2018

When it comes for designing and decorating a house, there are many trends that come and go every year and here we will look at the trends which we are likely to see in 2018 for Homes designs and decoration.

Floral Prints

While floral were not so much trendy in 2017, many interior design expects predict that bold and contrasting color floral prints should be trendy in 2018. They are more likely to be used on chains, pillows, bedsheets and drapery.


Colorful Kitchen

The all white color scheme for kitchens is now a thing of the past and more vibrant colors are being used while decorating kitchens to give it a warmer and personal touch. For example, use of the purple color on walls and creative lighting.

Rich colors overall

Aside from bedrooms, people are preferring rich and vibrant colors throughout their house, especially for furniture and walls.

Light wood Cabinets

Many homeowners are preferring the look of a medium and light wood cabinet. It gives warmth, texture and a natural element which gives a more lively feeling.

Open Kitchen Shelves

Apart from giving the option of showing off your dish collection, open kitchen shelves provides more storage options, especially when you have large and bulky items. Also gives a stylish and modern look to your kitchen.

Attractive Flooring

The trend of attractive and decorative walls has passed and people are now looking to make their flooring look as attractive as the walls. Statement floors will be to look out for in 2018 as they will be a great tool to make even a small room pop.

Decorative Plants

Plants have been a very famous and natural tool to decorate your house and with the availability of many vibrant indoor plant options which are available now, and as everyone loves a natural look and an element to their house, they should be a part of house designs in 2018.

Soothing Bedrooms

While people tried using vibrant colors in their bedrooms in 2017, soothing colors and minimalist designs make bedrooms more relaxing and restful so we are not expecting to see the use of vibrant colors in 2018 claims top Florida realtor Suzanne McGhee

So these were some trends we hope to see in Home Designs in 2018.