About Us

As with everything these days “trends” are what predicts the various market and social movements, they touch everything in our lives our home is no exclusion to that.  With ever-changing economies and property markets up and down like huge yo-yo’s, for the everyday person who other than owning, renting and maintaining a property trying to keep us with all these becomes a tiresome and daunting task.  One that, on top of everything else that goes on in an average day, is rather time-consuming, so most people ignore them until it directly affects them.

Our goal is to correlate all the mainstream information that floods in from various top reliable sources and put them together to bring our readers accurate, up-to-date information based on local trends and market pertaining directly to homes, real estate and everything pertaining to these sectors.

From DIY to home finance, real estate and rental information for both tenants and landlords across all property types.

We have useful guides and advice to buying and building of a home for both first time and seasoned buyers/sellers.

Interior design and expansion do it yourself informative videos and workshops that run throughout the year.

We list all the latest home and design information including various home expo’s, when and where they are being helped along with ticket prices, etc.

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